All submissions should be submitted via Palaver’s Submittable account.  Follow the “Learn More” links below depending on your type of submission: creative/multimedia v. academic.  No submissions should be e-mailed.  If you have questions, please contact us here.

  • Spring 2015: Creative

    Palaver is extremely interested in exploring interdisciplinarity in not only in content, but also in form.  This is why we accept creative pieces, multimedia submissions, and multimedia-text hybrids.  All creative/multimedia submissions should be accompanied by an interpretive essay that reveals the interdiscplinary nature influencing your creative work.  This essay will be published with your creative/multimedia piece, should we accept it.  Please submit your essay as a separate Word document from your creative/multimedia piece. These written essays should be double-spaced and follow MLA guidelines if applicable. 


    Please do not include any identifying information on your uploaded submission.  Only fill out identifying information on the form provided by Submittable.  If your submission includes your name in the content and cannot be removed (e.g. the credits of a video), don't sweat it. Should you have any questions regarding the multimedia submissions process, please e-mail

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  • Spring 2015: Academic

    Palaver does not accept previously published work, be it print or online.

    Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. If the work is accepted elsewhere, please notify us immediately to withdraw your submission to Palaver.
    No multiple submissions. Notification time from submission date will be within 16 weeks. Please wait until you have heard back from the first submission before submitting a second time.
    Written academic submissions should be typed, double-spaced, and follow MLA guidelines. The file name should only include the title of your submission. No self-identifying information should be present in the body of your work, due to our blind review process.
    Publications questions can be addressed to
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This is the contract sent to accepted authors: Palaver Permissions Contract