Spring 2017 Front Cover

You can view Palaver’s Spring 2017 issue as a PDF.

The Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs’ 2018 Excellence in Creative Writing Award winner is Audra Coleman of the University of North Carolina – Asheville, for her story “Bubo Virginianus,” originally published in Palaver’s Spring 2017 issue.

Spring 2017 Contributors

Meghan Barrett

Owen Bullock

Melissa Carter

Audra Coleman

William Crawford

Christen Faubel

Teresa Faubuzzi

Courtney A. Harler

Haley Holden

Jason Lalor

Benjamin (Brie) Martins

Hildy Maze

Adam Iannucci McClelland

Evan McMurry

Joseph O’Neill

Helen Park

Dani Rado

Diana Simon

Josette Torres

Zack Weaver