Spring 2015 Cover Page

We are pleased to announce Palaver’s Spring 2015 issue.

You can view it either as an interactive flipbook via your web browser or download it as a PDF (suggested for viewing on iPad/iPhone and other mobile devices).

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Spring 2015 Contributors

Addison Adams

W.C. Bamberger

Sarah E. Bode

Jean Burnet

Cade Carlson

Ami Cox

Colin Dodds

Christine Estima

Lauren B. Evans

Andrea A. Fitzpatrick

Becky Jo Gesteland

J. Gray

Gregory J. Hankinson

Ashley Elizabeth Hudson

Mark L. Keats

Jonathan Lyons

William Miller

Alison Morrow

Vitalii Panasiuk

Amanda Parkstone

Klaus Pinter

Chelsea Rose Rutledge

Dave Seter

Jordan M. Scoggins

Tom Vollman

Veronica Watts

Kent David Weigle

Dr. Ernest Williamson III

Kirby Wright